Job Rece$$ion DIY Guide -April 30 @ 2 PM CST- Two experts, lot of questions .....

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1y Apr 23, 2020

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Bullet points advice- Beyond a Recession: How to Launch Your Ideal Career in a Crisis and Blastoff into the New Normal How to prepare your Linkedin Social media Looking behind and at the present so you can move forward strategically Leveraging LinkedIn when preparing to look for a new job Standing out in a saturated market so you can land the interview and the job

Nicole Jovicevic sees the world as a big machine and her role in it as helping each cog find it's perfect fit. In her vision, the world becomes a better place when every single person is pursuing a career that light them up, engages their brain, and fits their ideal lifestyle. If that's not you, get ready to gain clarity, and a relentless cheerleader who will kick your butt until you take massive action and pursue your Legacy & Joy. Nicole is a TEDx speaker, veteran career development instructor, and founder of Legacy & Joy - a company that helps people consciously cultivate a Legacy and make their lives incomparably Joyful. To find out more, connect with Nicole on LinkedIn.

Shelton Banks is CEO of re:work training, a Chicago-based non-profit that is reshaping hiring trends for the city’s underrepresented communities, starting with tech. An entrepreneurial, BizDev expert known for his strong performance at high growth tech companies, Shelton joined re:work in July of 2018 to drive the organization’s vision of solving three major problems: the growing wealth gap between Chicago’s South and West Sides and the rest of the city, the tech industry’s staggering lack of Black and Latinx professionals, as well as the way companies have historically thought about hiring candidates who may not check all the typical boxes. Knowing what it takes to succeed in tech with a nontraditional background, Shelton is driving major organizational improvements and using his past experience at top-tier companies like Groupon and Sprout Social to build the bridge between Chicago’s tech community and the community he grew up in. Under his direction, re:work candidates on average jump from making around $19,000 to $55,000/year base salary with full benefits - not including commission and bonuses - and the nonprofit has helped create $3M and counting in earned income that empowers not only alumni, but their families and neighborhoods as well. His efforts have been recognized by major local news outlets, like Fox News Chicago, WGN News Radio, Money Matters with Adam Torres, and tastytrade’s Bootstrapping in America. Visit our blog to learn more about Shelton and re:work’s impact.

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