Difference Between DAVINCI MIQRO and DAVINCI IQ

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2y Sep 18, 2018

http://www.davincivaporizer.com - Find out the difference between the DAVINCI MIQRO and DAVINCI IQ on this video. You'd be surprised that two devices couldn't be more different.

Let's start with what they share in common:

  • The DaVinci IQ and MIQRO are both are crafted from anodized aluminum leading to a beautiful aesthetic.
  • Both offer zirconium ceramic vapor paths which leads to a great tasting vapor.
  • Both also have glass lined ceramic oven chambers producing flavorful and evenly heated draws.
  • Both offer precision temperature control

The differences of the two are:

  • DAVINCI IQ has an intuitive 51 light grid display, bluetooth app, 18560 battery, flavor chamber and a 10-year warranty

  • DAVINCI MIQRO offers a 15 light grid and scrolling temperature display, 18350 battery, fully functional adjustable oven and a 5-year warranty.

That's it guys! We hope that you see both strengths of each device and use it according to your needs.


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