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5m Apr 7, 2021

In this episode on Ajna psychology we are exploring the meaning of the third eye chakra Visuddha from the point of view of depth psychology. This is based on the Psychology of Kundalini Yoga by Carl Jung⁠—a series of lectures he gave in 1932 where he explored the symbolism of each of the chakras in the system of Kundalini yoga and worked to integrate it with the findings of Western psychoanalysis and of his findings with the individuation process.

With the ajna chakra we reach the final of the corporeal chakras. It is the first chakra with no symbolic animal and this represents the end of resistance, the end of the struggle between the ego and the Atman. This is the destination that the Kundalini was seeking to reach when she out on her journey from the root chakra Muladhara. At ajna the unio mystica occurs—the ego dissolves into the psyche. This is what we are going to be exploring on this episode of The Living Philosophy.

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