Will Far Cry 6 Break The 'Ubisoft Cycle'?

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1m Sep 18, 2021

The Ubisoft cycle is a tale as old as, well, Ubisoft. Gamers have noted for years now that Ubisoft games all feel the same, and that there's no Ubisoft game that's a worse offender at this, than Far Cry. The Far Cry series epitomizes the problems at Ubisoft - each game feels like a DLC for the last one, as both narrative and gameplay fail to evolve.

With the highly anticipated Far Cry 6 only a month away from release, are we about to see the series grow past itself? Or will Far Cry 6 just be what it says on the cover - another Far Cry game?

Only time/this video will tell!

Concepted and created by Avery Swanson and Paul Avila.

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