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YOUR WELCOME Episode 127

Douglas Murray - In The Crowd

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2m Oct 28, 2020

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British author and political commentator Douglas Murray joins Michael this week for a discussion on how corporate America has done a far better job of putting over Maoism than the Chinese Communist Party ever dreamed of, an informative breakdown on the various "pills" to take in today's social climate, the complexity of British politician and scholar Enoch Powell, what people did for sex in pre-World-War Vienna, how Dave Rubin believes he caused the tragedies of 9/11 to occur, and so much more!


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David Gornoski believes understanding anthropology can help us dismantle fake news and question politically-protected, pseudo-scientific dogmas that hold us back. Check out the show by subscribing to David Gornoski on Apple podcasts, or visit his website at http://www.aneighborschoice.com, and check out his show channel http://www.youtube.com/davidgornoski.

Douglas Murray
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