HYLOGY - MD-H12 Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor | With Large Screen & 2 Users

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10m Oct 29, 2020

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★ Product Information And Links:
Name: HYLOGY - MD-H12 Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor | With Large Screen & 2 Users

Link (US): https://amzn.to/2BGQgHZ

★ Product Description:
(TITLE) Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm, HYLOGY Digital Blood Pressure Machine Automatic with Large Screen Display and 2 Users Modes,180 Memories Storage

● [Easy to Read]: Large LCD display with a clear number of values during measurements. The new indication bar makes it easy to judge your blood pressure level. Friendly to the elders.

● [Two User Mode]: suit 2 users to store the measurement separately, each user can store the last 90 readings.

● [Multifunction]: Monitor your pulse rate and heartbeat. The heart symbol will show up if an irregular heartbeat is detected.

● [Adjustable Cuff]: The blood pressure monitor cuff Length 22 cm(8.6 inches) to 32cm (12.59 inches) , The Extended and wide cuff fits standard and large adult arms.

● [1-year Warranty] We provide a 12-month guarantee for any quality-related issues and replacement services. If you encounter any problem or need support, please feel free to contact us through the following e-mail: support@hylogy.com.

HYLOGY Your Family Doctor:
HYLOGY aims to provide more convenience for everyone, more easy to use, suitable for home members, protect you and your family in all aspects so that you have no worries.

WHO Classification Indicator - More professional, accurate, and efficient:
HYLOGY electronic upper arm blood pressure monitor has advanced measurement techniques, along with World Health Organisation (WHO) Blood Pressure Classification Indicator to give you the most accurate reading, help you to better understand your blood pressure range and make more accurate judgments.

  1. Sit quietly and relax for 5 minutes, please be in an upright position with legs uncrossed and keep your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Straighten your arm (same side of the body as your heart) with your palm facing upwards.
  3. Put the cuff's tube off-center towards the inner side of the arm and close the cuff. The cuff shouldn't be too tight or loose.
  4. Take 2-3 deep breaths before the measurement. Relax and support your arm on a table, then press 'Start'.
  5. The monitor will display the result a few seconds later. Then you can know your blood pressure. If you want to measure it again, please do it 3 minutes later.

Comfortable Cuff:
HYLOGY strives to develop convenient & professional medical equipment. Aim to provide a better sense of use for every customer, we make the cuff automatically inflate, and also make the cuff more comfortable for daily wear. Easy operation makes it possible to predict potential risks for every user.

Large LCD screen:
HYLOGY upper arm blood pressure machine has a large LCD screen, to make sure every measurement can be clearly displayed on the screen. With the WHO certification, you can have more accurate & professional measure experience. Benefiting from the large digital screen, all the important health information can be easily noticed, including systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse rate, date, time, and user A/B.

One-touch switch User A/B:
HYLOGY believes dual-user setting would bring convenience to family use. 180 groups of memories with the preservation of date and time, make it possible for your track and compare the results anytime and anywhere. Therefore, we choose a one-touch operation to switch use A/B, it would bring convenience to daily use.

Good Package:
Package includes 1 x HYLOGY Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, 1 x Cuff, 1 x Instruction Manual, 12 Months x Warran.ty Card. To avoid a security problem while using the product, the HYLOGY blood pressure monitor has no battery included in the package. We stand behind our products with Excellent Service.

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