Pretty Good Gaming Podcast Episode 24

EA NOT The Bad Guy! | Is Steam Stunting The Gaming industry? & More

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1y Jul 7, 2019

Today we discuss the outrageous claim by one EA Exec that he doesn’t think they’re the bad guys! I know! We’re also discussing is Steam are holding many developers back with their outdated policy. We talk about Days Gone’s new surrounded more. We take questions from the Patreons and we read the YouTube comments. This week we need your help to decide the winner of Triggered Fan-Boy Comment Of The Week, please help.


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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
2:44 EA NOT the bad guy
23:12 Steam Stunting the Industry?
44:13 Days Gone Surrounded
56:03 Patreon Questions
1:24:55 YouTube comments (& TFCOTW)

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