How Sustainable are Electric Vehicles Today? | A Discussion on the Future of Electrification

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4m Oct 31, 2020

We discuss the sustainability of electric vehicles and how their repairability might affect the car world beyond short-term resale value.

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For the complete article on the CBC that we discuss in this video, click here: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/nissan-leaf-electric-vehicle-new-battery-1.5769998

This week we've been reading a lot about the used electric car market here in Canada, but this applies throughout the automotive world. Battery technology is constantly improving, allowing for denser cells, more efficient battery packs, and more affordable options. However owners of older EVs might find it's next to impossible to get a replacement battery for their cars. We discuss the 2013 Nissan Leaf bought by a B.C. man on the used market, and how he's unable to get a proper answer from Nissan Canada about buying a replacement battery for his car.

Many feel the first generation Nissan Leaf is a prime example of a disposable electric vehicle, it was designed with cost in mind and skipped on on crucial thermal battery management to help with the overall long-term health of the battery. Without a way to properly heat and cool the battery when needed, they die quicker. At one point the US arm of Nissan Motors offered first generation Leaf buyers an extended service program to replace their battery for about $5,000, however that program seems to have ended in 2018.

The purpose of our video is to have an open discussion about what can change in the automotive world to make electric cars more sustainable from the used-car perspective, and for those who don't want to replace things that aren't broken. We acknowledge that there are plenty of things to discuss when it comes to EVs, such as the original source of the electricity used to power these cars, in many cases still coming from polluting coal plants, or the ecological damaged caused by mining the materials required to build these cars. We want to focus specifically on ways we can extend the life of these vehicles.

Some ideas we have are whole vehicle conversion kits, being able to take an existing ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle and converting it to a 100% electric system. Some companies are doing this today, usually with extreme costs associated to it as they specialize in one-off conversions. Other companies are focusing on one specific generation of vehicle, like older Ford F-150s and converting those to electrics.

We also discuss the idea of manufacturers being regulated to provide battery replacements to customers for a set number of years, or even offering battery upgrades down the road, as technology improves the overall efficiency of what cars can provide with the latest tech.

We want this to be an open discussion on the future and sustainability of electric vehicles, and we want to hear from you. Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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