Is The Brain You? Are You What The Brain Says You Are?

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1m Aug 4, 2021

This question was answered in the time when Aristotle lived and This question has been debated for many decades. Finlay the science and in particular neuroscience (neuroscientists) and neurosurgeons of brilliant Noble prize echelon have helped prove the accuracy of the Aristotle's views. In this video we hope we can relay this along with a suggestion of another video presentation which in more detail explains some of its scientific roots and evidences to you.

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simguy @simguy 1m 1 month ago

The brain defines how u think. If it was possible to replace your brain with a brain of a chimp, u might look like a person, but u will behave like a chimp. How u think is your consciousness. Your consciousness is u. Your consciousness would no longer b of a person, but of a chimp.

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