The Kingdom of Pylos | A Forgotten History.

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2m Jul 8, 2021

In this episode PhD Student Theodore Nash takes us into the history of the Kingdom of Pylos.

Our story begins in human prehistory as we explore the geography of the region and its original inhabitants before the arrival and migrations of Indo Europeans.

From discussing mass migrations and language evolution we slowly approach not just recorded history but the development of the Bronze Age.

From archaeology and primary sources, to art, architecture, tholos tomb, linguistics and beyond this presentation seeks to cover a core Kingdom and power of the Mycenean world.

We see the establishment of the Kingdom and the stratification | centralization of power and control within the Kingdom as different families vie for power.

From its origin to its rise and establishment we also much approach the end of this kingdom...

Naturally we are talking about the Late Bronze Age Collapse and the destruction and disappearance of Mycenean civilization as we know it.

From discussing various theories and issues with the collapse of Pylos we arrive at the closing chapter of this period of history and the Kingdom itself.

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