Coron Asia Grand View Hotel Review | Asia Grand View Hotel Coron Palawan

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2y Mar 29, 2019

On this trip to Coron Palawan we stayed at the Asia Grand View Hotel Coron and had the chance to give it an unbiased review. From the staff to the food, the amenities to the views, we show all.

Coron Asia Grand View Hotel Review | Asia Grand View Hotel Coron Palawan

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Coron Asia Grand View Hotel Review | Asia Grand View Hotel Coron Palawan

Life is full of surprises, indeed! You just have to consistently pray for it and work hard to have it and voila, you’re on it! I’ve been dreaming of Palawan. Actually, it is on my bucket list this year as I already planned how I am going to spend my allotted vacation leaves in the office. When promo fares are coming I am one of those travel enthusiasts that patiently waiting for it to score very cheap airfare and yeah, I did a book for Puerto Princesa, Palawan on September and Coron, Palawan on December and I couldn’t contain my excitement because as early as of now, I am already planning on that vacation – where to stay, what to eat, what to do and whatnot.

But before it would happened, another blessing in disguise is coming on my way and seems like it is what written on my stars, I will be in Coron, Palawan early than I planned. Woohoo.

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