Faxon Q&A Episode 1

Barrel Manufacturing, Nitride vs Chrome lining and more!

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4y Mar 5, 2017

We speak with Nathanial from Faxon regarding barrels, barrel manufacturing, chrome lining versus nitride and more.

If you're interested in learning what really is going on with rifle barrels, then this is the video for you!

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Table of Contents

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01:20 Difference between chrome lining and nitride treatment.
03:40 High Power and chrome lined barrels being “less accurate”?Stainless barrels for accuracy, accepting greater wear and tear. History of chrome lining basics. Nitride is not a lining, it’s a treatment.
06:50 When did the nitride process come to the market?
08:00 Chrome lining still makes more sense for machine guns.
09:10 The ACR took an unfair hit from the consumer base for not having a chrome lined barrel?
11:05 Nitride process is beneficial to other components besides just the barrel.
12:21 Is this related to stellite? The difficulty of manufacturing a stellite enhanced barrel.
13:50 What is QPQ, etc?
15:10 Nitride process is very similar to the older 1800’s process of case hardening. What is case hardening?
16:05 How deep does the nitride process penetrate into the steel? Case hardening is usually only a superficial layer, for example.
17:20 Nitride for military arms?
18:15 Extreme example of high velocity projectiles, is that better with chrome or nitride?
19:44 Stainless steel that’s used for barrels isn’t really the “stainless steel” we think it is. Why are stainless barrels considered more accurate?
20:54 Discussion about different methods of rifling a barrel.
27:10 Cold Hammer Forging invented by Germans in WW2 to accelerate barrel manufacturing. USA used cut rifling primarily during WW2 and those machines are still being used today.
27:45 What is cut rifling?
29:00 Replacing a cutting bit for cut rifling, what about button rifling? Deep dive into button rifling process.
29:50 Discussion about progressive twist rifling.
31:41 Accuracy then and now, what is acceptable?
34:05 Original M16 pencil barrels, how were they manufactured?

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