How to Set Up Advanced Camera Settings Logitech C922x Pro stream Webcam

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2y Feb 17, 2019

Learning how set up your Webcam settings for your webcam is very important. Logitech has some of the best webcam's and in this tutorial, I'll walk you through how to adjust the advanced settings.
Webcams are incredibly valuable for small businesses and they're very affordable. The Logitech C920 delivers a high quality full HD image. For small businesses and entrepreneurs, you can use your webcam to:
•Record tutorials for YouTube
•Skype or FaceTime with clients and customers
•Hold Webinars
•Facebook live videos
With a decent webcam starting at $50, it's well worth the investment.
Do you want to record your screen and webcam at the exact same time? Check out my tutorial for that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUGTrWn1qug&list=PLuInKCVCnBKXwOWlz27lSAggS6OJzSris&index=9&t=0s

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When you know how to use the Logitech advanced camera settings app, you can dial in your image and make it look more professional.

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