The Art Of Human Perception

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2y Jun 15, 2019

I loved it my time with Mitch Russo. He put me on the spot reading his face. AWESOME INTERVIEW. Take a look.


If there’s any superpower that entrepreneurs and business owners wish to possess, it would definitely be mind reading. Since that’s not easily conceivable to many, having the ability to analyze human behavior, understand body language, and read facial expressions is a tad closer. Susan Ibitz is a Behavior Hacker, Lead Researcher, and Trainer at the Human Behavior Lab. Being born with dyslexia, Susan learned communication in a completely different way. Having mastered the art of human perception, she reveals the way an average salesperson can improve their results using some of the ideas and techniques she has developed. She unravels the three kinds of impact you can have with people, and vice versa. Moreover, Susan gives us a sneak peek of how she does face reading as she profiles Mitch.

About Human Behavior Lab

Through research and teaching, we work on unlocking the science behind Human Behavior, Micro-Expression, Body Language, Deception-Detection, Statement & Face Reading.


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