October 2020 Q&A

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9m Oct 29, 2020

6.5 vs 308 for sporting rifle?

Any advice on my first levergun? 45 Colt or .44-40?

Tim B
I recently moved to the desert, what are some of your “must-haves” for surviving the heat?

Patrick W
Do you have any plans to use the 1876 Winchester in a match?

Tim K
Multiple targets in 2gun?

What’s not allowed on YouTube?

What are your thoughts on the Docu-drama The Social Dilemma?

What kind of hearing/eye protection do you guys use?

William L
What Old West site or town has become a repeat visit for you, or do you tend to move on to other sites once you've visited them?

American travel destinations?

Noel R
At what point should a gun owner pursue a CCW license?

Christian S
Do you believe that the KP-15 WWSD lower will be the new standard for AR-15 lowers.?

Electric primers?

Hunter K
Inexplicable malfunctions?

Joshua C
Europe and pistols vs America and revolvers?

Kyle P
What challenge would you like to see 2 gun/competition shooting overcome next?

Timothy L
Caseless ammunition revolvers?

Jake M
YouTube premium/RED and InRange?

Chris D
An L85 in 1987, an M14 in 1965, a Mosin-Nagant in 1944, or a trapdoor Springfield in 1890?

Risks of FaceID?

Ryan A
Any chance for an XCR mud test in the future?

Can you share your recipe for hollandaise sauce?

Gori the all powerful
System Shock remake?

Jared L
Third time asking: do you still plan on giving some WWSD 2020 rifles to some "real world people" and maybe even some other youtube influencers?

What should Americans know about bringing or borrowing guns in Finland wrt Finnish Brutality?

Patrick H.
LPVO or Red Dot?

Glen P
Muzzle brakes as suppressor mounts?

Dillon L
2nd Time - M1 Garand without any supply issues or MP44 with only 2 mags? (ammo is plenty just not mags)

Six Gun
Knowing that you are a fan of the Alien universe. What do you think of the newer films like Prometheus and Covenant?

M14 and an aspirin or L85a1 and a red bull?

John W
Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Garick B
It’s 1944 and you have the option of a STG-44 or FG-42. Which is your pick and why?

Connor D
Winchester vs Marlin lever guns?

Travis W
Shoot in DB20201 more than once?

Precision rifle content series?

Chad S
How often do out of staters, specifically from Cali, attend the 2g-ACM? Or is it mostly locals?

Jeremy the HaedFox
What's the worst gun you've ever purchased and why is it the S333?

Awetism Gaming
308 WWSD?

George P
HK416 vs AR15 DI?

Rebecca F
Most irritating gun?

Kenton M
Blackpowder cleaning & modern guns?

Galil Ace in 5.56 or SLR 106 in 5.56?

Jeff King
What bad habits can competition actually induce or is this a myth?

Larry H.
What do you enjoy about the Arizona desert?

Haley P
Hello, you have mentioned the severity of black powder fouling with that in mind can it render a weapon combat ineffective and if so how many shots?

Brenton G
Do you think 5.45 will show signs of growth now that Hornady is making better components?

Brett T
2nd try. Does 6 o clock hold/zero have merit or value in combat 2gun applications?

Ben N.
Binary triggers: you are on record as not liking them (unreliable, etc.). Do you see any hope that, with time, they can become more reliable?

Chance H
Thoughts on a 5.56 pmag fed lever gun?

Wayne I
Tombstone, AT, Fall 1881: Which revolver do ride into town with: Colt Single Action Army, Remington 1875 Single Action Army, Smith & Wesson Model 3, your 1862 Colt Police, or something else?

What if anything did you think of the Phoenix Lights?

Ryan H
Hi Karl. Are you a Rabies guy or a Too Dark Park guy??

Norman H
If you could snap your fingers and change one thing about the firearm Industry, what would it be?

Adam S
What degree of precision is needed for a carbine with a 1-4x optic to be used on game/man sized targets from field expedient shooting positions?

John T
Flintlocks and par times in 2gun?

Andrew M
What happened to the series you were doing on the US Civil War Cavalry Carbines?

Duke VonMeep the 2nd
Best first time black powder rifle?

Matt S
Do you recommend a blunderbuss as a first black powder firearm?

Canis latrans
44-40 vs 45 Colt?

Karl F
Any chance we will see a video on Desert Tech's improved MDRX?

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