Ziangs: How to Make Chinese Takeaway Curry Paste by Takeaway Owners

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3y Jan 18, 2018

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This is a very very basic recipe. But its the base for all Chinese Style Curries in takeaway. Every where has its own curry and alot of the time they wing it, hence why one day it tatse awesome and the next tatse weird.

How to make the paste into a curry (beef curry) will be in our next video.

This paste will take between 1 and a half/2 hours from start to finsih.

Part 1
1ltr of veg oil
1/4 large leek
2x white onions
1x bulb garlic
2x celery stalks
1/2 a toe of fresh ginger

Part 2
550g Plain white flour
300g Eastern star curry powder
1x cinimon stick
90g Ground cummin
70g ground cardamom
25g Ground Fennel
80g ground corriander

Optional (we would use the below ingredients if we still servered chinese style curry in our shop, many places won't use them to save on profit)
1 handful of star anisee
1x teaspoon of cloves

This paste will keep for up to 3 months when made or longer in the fridge.

Thankyou for all your amazing comments! means so much to us and we will keep the videos coming!

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