Halloween Kills (2021) | Movie Review | Ultraviolent & Ultra Dumb!

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1m Oct 26, 2021

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So a movie review! And non-gangster movie related. Feels like ages since I’ve done one of these. And I’m sure a lot of people might find it weird that I’m reviewing the new Halloween movie, but you might be surprised to learn that I’m a huge fan of the Halloween series (even though there’s pretty much one classic movie followed by an ocean of mediocrity). I even did a half an hour video looking at all of the films in the franchise, which I’ve linked in the corner, and I’ve also reviewed the 2018 soft reboot, which I was a big fan of. I thought the movie did really well, it felt like a true spiritual successor to Carpenter’s original, there were so many positives with the film, HOWEVER, one key attribute of the film was that it played it VERY safe, in regards to so many controversial aspects of the Halloween movies. For example, the whole thing with Michael being someone with no apparent motive, who does not have specific targets in the original film and just happened to come across Laurie Strode in the original movie. Halloween II obviously infamously made Laurie Michael’s sister, something I thought was really poo, but it gave Jamie Lee Curtis a reason to remain integral to the story and have Michael come after her. So how did the 2018 one keep Laurie important to the plot when the film ignores the sister thing? Well, there’s some random mad doctor who kidnaps Michael Myers and delivers him to Laurie’s doorstep to see what happens, and instead of him being obsessed with him, she’s obsessed with him. But it’s never established whether Michael actually went for Laurie or she was just one of many potential prey. Like I said, playing it safe.

With this new one, I predicted that it would not be as good as the 2018 predecessor in terms of the plot because rather than play it safe, like say, Star Wars The Force Awakens, it would have to commit to a certain narrative, bring something new to the table, like The Last Jedi, and as such, it was gonna piss people off. So I figured the film-makers would overcompensate this by doubling down on the gore and kill count. And that’s pretty much what happened.

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