Couple Crushed In Mangled Truck, Woman Spots Smiling Man At Window

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1m Jul 29, 2021

A young woman was riding in her boyfriend’s truck when he struck a pillar, going 75 mph. Crushed in the mangled wreckage, she opened her eyes to see his head had gone through the windshield. His face was covered in blood, and his body lay motionless. Then, she glanced out the window and saw a man smiling at her. Even more shocking than the stranger standing in the road, however, is what was later found at the scene of the crash.

Arika Stovall was riding in the passenger seat of her boyfriend Hunter’s truck when it drifted off the road and slammed into a pillar at 75 mph, reducing the once-formidable vehicle to a heap of scrap metal with Arika trapped inside. The impact should have “chopped our bodies in half,” Arika admitted, but miraculously, she was still alive and even able to open her eyes.

Just seconds before the impact, Arika was certain she and Hunter were sliding towards certain death. As the truck drifted from the road, Hunter had just three seconds to react as they sped head-on towards a concrete pillar. His split-second reaction would either save their lives or seal their fate. Luckily, Hunter “did exactly what he needed to do to make sure my life didn’t end,” Arika recalled. But, she knows he didn’t act alone.

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