The Parthian Empire: Han China & The Silk Road

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1y Mar 22, 2020

Chapter Three: Parthian Dominance. This is the third episode of a six episode series on the Parthian Empire.

The opening of trade between Han China and Arsacid Parthia in the waning years of the second century BCE marks the beginning of the second period of Parthian history, with its end being marked in the second half of the first century CE as Parthia’s economic control over the Silk Road trade and military dominance over Rome in the region ends.

This section of the historiography, around the opening of the Silk Road between China and Parthia, is a woefully small part of modern historical works, but what little exists provides tantalizing ideas about the effects it may have had.

This wonderful work was written by the awesome and esteemed Evan J. Jones and was narrated by the wonderful and excellent D. W. Draffin.

The author has given his permission to use his fundamental work and I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Attribution: Jones, Evan J. (Evan Jeffery), "Long Distance Trade and the Parthian Empire: Reclaiming Parthian Agency from an Orientalist
Historiography" (2018). WWU Graduate School Collection. 692.

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