Best Affordable Electric Skateboard | Meepo Wowgo Skatebolt Phoenix Ryders

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2y Sep 22, 2018

In this video I spend time talking about the #Meepoboard #Wowgoboard #Skatebolt and the #PhoenixRyder electric skateboards and the pros and cons of each and why these budget baords are a great start for anyone looking to purchase their first electric skateboard at a reasonable cost. #electricskateboards #BestElectricSkateboard

Meepo: https://www.meepoboard.com/
WowgoBoard: https://wowgoboard.com/
Skatebolt: https://www.skateboltsd.com/
Phoenix Ryder: https://phoenix-ryders.com/

↓↓↓ GEAR USED ↓↓↓
MY FAVORITE CAMERA - http://a.co/4PrO8ad
GREAT LOW LIGHT LENS - http://a.co/3fr6BqR
MY FAV VLOGGING LENs - http://a.co/8PHDSkf
VLOGGING MIC - http://a.co/4dMsX8J

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