Chieftain's Q&A Pt 16½. The Continuing Mission

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10m Oct 31, 2020

To seek out new tanks and new ammunitions. To boldly tank where no man has tanked before...

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Table of Contents

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00:00 Opening remarks
00:14 Why did the US go so long without a long-range ATGM like Spike NLOS?
02:35 What could coaxial flamethrowers do which cannot be done by other systems?
06:35 Opine upon the Halo "Scorpion" tank.
10:53 Why does the myth of Polish military incompetence continue today?
12:25 Mechanism for 'seeing through' tank armor.
14:14 Is the process for a tank engaging a helo the same as that for engaging a fixed-wing?
15:45 What is the most unholy-looking Sherman variant?
16:45 What use is white phosphorous against tanks?
18:01 A1E1 vs T35
19:35 German opinions of Soviet equipment
23:30 How did Korea change US tanking?
26:12 If I could go back in time, which battle would I go look at?
27:45 How common would it be to keep old equipment components as replacements showed up?
29:59 Has the US military looked at bringing back gun-launched ATGMs?
30:10 Cast a tank horror film
34:29 Would it be feasible to reconsider hyper-velocity guided munitions?
36:50 How did Sheridan's ammo get past acceptance trials?
38:27 Would the US armored force have been better prepared for WW2 had not the tank corps been disbanded and the roles split to Infantry and Cavalry?
40:17 Where would a modern 40mm/70 be useful against a tank?
41:30 Does water leak into a tank when fording?
43:08 Do I plan to do a "Myths of German/UK/Soviet" armor video?
44:48 What changes in production or design could have made German late WW2 tanks more effective?
46:35 what would be a good battle to study to see how tanks operate and are used?
50:20 With hindsight, were DD tanks worth the effort?
51:50 How did M4 designers get so much right?
53:58 Are oscillating turret tanks NBC capable?
54:40 At what point does development of the US military equipment and doctrine reach a point that it no longer has an appreciable effect on the duration of the war?
55:40 What skillsets would I like to have with me during the apocalypse?

About The Chieftain

The Chieftain (Real name Nicholas Moran) is Wargaming America's resident tanker and amateur historian.


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