Boxing Punch Mitt Workout | Interval Pad Work Conditioning

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1y Aug 29, 2019

Hand pad or Boxing MITT sessions are a staple in boxing training; especially when it comes to working technique. This Tabata Hand pad session is great for all levels. If you know the combos you can let your hands go, get a serious cardio filled workout in only 4 minutes. If you want more, repeat the 8 sets after a 1 minute break for a 8 or 12 minute heart pounding session.
In order to the most out of this style of boxing training aim for at least 50 punches per set.

8 x 20 seconds sets with 10 seconds rest between sets.
Repeat each combo twice.

Here are your combos for this session.

Combo Action
1-2-SR-2 jab-cross-slip right-cross
2-3-BL-3 cross-left hook-Block left-left hook
5-6 left uppercut right uppercut
3-4 left hook right hook

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