November 2019 Q&A - Part 1 of 2

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1y Nov 18, 2019

0:27 Nathaniel H
What role if any do you see small arms playing in a hypothetical second Korean War?

2:04 Joshua H
If you could do anything to Improve the Bianchi UM84 to make it a better combat holster, what would you do?

3:30 Craig S Jr.
The year is 1866 and you need a combat-ready rifle: Dreyse, Henry, Spencer, or rifled musket?

5:18 Arturo C
Why didn't you attend Red Oktober 2019 ... is it no longer the type of "match" that you like?

7:36 Jasper W
How is POA/POI effected when you turn a firearm on its side to shoot around a barricade?

8:35 London Jolly
What's the firearm that stands out in your mind as being much worse than everyone seems to say? If I were to throw my hat in, it'd be the G3, despite my want for an A3 clone?

11:04 Jamie B
What are your thoughts on using handloads for self defense?

14:32 Martin H
What’s the best way for a tourist to the US to experience historical firearms that they can’t experience back home, semi/full auto specifically?

15:47 Jon B
Do all open bolt firing machine guns have disconnector functions to prevent out of battery discharge?

17:14 Bunny
What’s a good pistol holster for two-gun?

18:16 Brock D
Why no aluminum case rifle ammunition?

19:42 Russeh
what would kind of stages/ targets/ things would you add to 2gACM if you had no money, range, or time limitations?

20:59 Colton B
Karl has talked about using ballistol to neutralize the effects of corrosive primers, and I have tried this, but despite copious amounts of Ballistol and scrubbing, I have still had trouble with some of my guns. Have you ever encountered this, and if so what do you do?

22:50 Alex
What in your opinion is the most important misconception about firearms to fix?

23:53 Josh M
Have I made a grave mistake by joining the discord secret santa?

24:32 Jordan M
You could own only 5 machine guns what would they be?

26:00 John W
What size/type of footwear do you both wear?

Your targets take alot of abuse from 2 gun.
Is there a certain brand of steel target you prefer?

28:38 Brian I
Why did you leave the brake on the XCR during the battle rifle trials?

29:24 Thurmond A K II
Karl, have you ever considered making a video on your history with firearms? I know you've mentioned NRA High Power and Cowboy Action Shooting, but all reference to it is scattered across the InRange backlog.

30:34 Travis R
What are your thoughts on the flux pistol "brace" for glocks/sig pistol, considering they retain holsterability (with the proprietary holster) while adding a retractable stock? Could they possibly be a good addition to a law enforcement load out? Would they be allowed in competition or considered an unfair advantage?

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