FAST Video on How to Disconnect and Bleed the Clutch 2012-2018 Ford Focus [2 Min Tutorial]

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1m Nov 24, 2021

FAST Video on How to Disconnect and Bleed the Clutch on 2012-2018 Ford Focus with the 2.0 Engine! This is a 2-minute tutorial on how to disconnect, connect and bleed the manual clutch on a Ford Focus with the Duratech 2.0 4 cylinder engine. The process is super simple, so simple it might cause you to be confused on how to do it, so we walk you through the whole process. On this system, its important to note that the clutch and brake systems are one system and share a reservoir so you may need to bleed the brakes depending on what you do to the system. We replaced the engine and did not need to bleed the brakes, just the clutch, but be SURE TO CHECK THE BRAKES before driving off, just in case. So grab a quick sip of something delicious to drink because that's all the time you'll have while you watch this FAST video on how to disconnect and bleed the clutch on a 2012-2018 Ford Focus!

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