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1m Jul 28, 2021

H.H. Holmes: The Devil Within

In the late 19th century, the world learned of a diabolical psychopath who murdered not only for money, but to coverup crimes he may have perpetrated in the past. Along the way, he earned the title of “America’s first serial killer.” His deeds have received recent notoriety with his alleged connected with a noted historical murderer. “H.H. Holmes: The Devil Within” concentrates on the facts of the H.H. Homes/Herman Webster Mudgett story from an historical aspect.

Theo Durant: Demon in the Belfry

In the latter 19th century, the United States became enthralled with the murder case that involved one young man, characterized as a “good catch” for young women at the time, and two young women who obviously fell for his fatal charms. This is the true story of the "Demon in the Belfry."

The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run

A series of murders of Cleveland's unfortunate "hobos" reached a fever pitch and the city could never have prepared for such a slaughter. This evil genius created such an reign of terror, that his legacy still reverberates throughout history to this day, and proved the ruination of one of the nation's top lawman.


In the sweltering summer of 1966 Chicago, an evil force stood ready to pounce on the innocent. Richard Speck, a ne'er-do-well alcoholic and drug addict with a long criminal history, became the merciless slaughterer of 8 innocent, young, and promising nursing students. What Speck did not count on after his night of explosive and brutal violence, was that he left a survivor. This is the true story of the "summer of blood."

Kemper: The Co-ed Killer

A giant of a man, 6’9 and described as a gentle giant by those acquaintances around him, held a dark secret regarding his nocturnal activities. A killer that sought revenge for the constant berating at the hands of his mother, the “Coed Killer” preyed upon smaller more demure females in early 1970s California. Seeing no shortage of victims within counter-culture liberation of the decade, Ed Kemper ‘s reign of terror culminated with the brutal murder and dissection of the one woman that he not only loved, but despised simultaneously. Having been a teenage murderer, this 6’9 mountain of an assailant, began his murdering spree at the tender age of 15, and became a textbook example for the study of serial killers in the future.

Mystery Episode

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