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3m Apr 19, 2021

Imogen isn't who she thought she was.  After being surprised by the results of a DNA ancestry test, she embarks on a life changing voyage of discovery. She doesn't know where this will lead but one thing's for sure, she has something to celebrate. It turns out she's not British!

Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter
Performed by Melanie Thompson
Edited by Howard White
Graphics by Videasy
Original music composed and performed by Neil Thompson

"When her girlfriend buys her a genealogy DNA testing kit, Imogen is surprised to find that she is 49% Scandinavian, rather than the entirely British she supposed. This delights the pro-EU Politics and History doctorate student so much that she embarks on further research to find out just where here genes come from, a quick journey played out over 27 minutes in multiple short scenes by Ian Dixon Potter. Very much a study of a single person perhaps typical of her generation and political leaning,
The play certainly gives one viewpoint consistently. An engaging short film insight into modern family relations and the wider experiences of the younger generation in the current world."
★★★★ Theatre Monkey

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Golden Age Theatre Company is dedicated to creating theatre which explores 'big ideas' in both historical and contemporary settings.


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