The Gaggle Peter Lavelle and George Szamuely

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2m Jul 23, 2021

Peter Lavelle and George Szamuely join me to discuss world politics and their show. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about political events and how they are affected by US Policy from an overseas perspective.

Peter J. Lavelle is senior journalist and host of CrossTalk, presented by the English-language channel RT, global multilingual television news network RT. Lavelle, from California is now based in Moscow.

George Szamuely is a Senior Research Fellow at the Global Policy Institute of London Metropolitan University. He is a frequent columnist for the Taki's Top Drawer pages of the New York Press. Szamuely has also written for Antiwar.com, Counterpunch, Commentary, The Observer and the Centre for Research on Globalization. He is a frequent contributor to the RT show CrossTalk.

The Gaggle is a political commentary show founded by Peter Lavelle, George Szamuely and Ciara Haley. The goal of the channel is to regularly challenge and if necessary destroy media narratives.

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