Enisala - Mavic Mini 2 Cinematic Video 4k

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4d Jun 8, 2021

I went to Mircea cel Batran! or rather to the city through which he passed, 700 years ago. The Enisala fortress where the Ottomans settled in 1420, then abandoned it in 1484 after they ruled other territories and considered that it was no longer strategic for them to stay there ... and so it remained! Until 1991 when the weather-damaged walls of the fortification were restored, and Enisala soon became an important tourist spot.
The view around it is breathtaking, if you stand with your back to the fortress, you will notice the extraordinary view of the canals that connect Babadag Lake to Razim Lake.
I do not own copyright for any of the songs used in the video, and they were not used for promotional purposes but only for a more enjoyable viewing.

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