Origins of the Egyptians (DNA)

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8m Jan 2, 2021

In this latest video on our series dealing with ancient history and ancient DNA I am joined by a very special guest Adam Myrie from HAMAA which is the Historical African Martial Arts Association.

We tackle an extremely controversial topic and that is the origin of not just ancient Egyptian civilization but of the ancient Egyptians themselves. From the Predynastic to the coming of the Romans we explore a variety of topics including:

Population movements from Nubia and what will become the Sahara dessert, backflow from the Middle East and especially Canaan.

Nubian A and C group developments throughout Egypt.

Nilotic cultures and indigenous Nile populations.

Problems with bad reporting and issues with modern DNA studies.

The use and abuse of misinterpreted DNA studies.

Color symbolism in Egyptian art.

And how the ancient Egyptians viewed identity and Egyptianness in the ancient world and what made an Egyptian an Egyptian.

From foreign population movements to material culture, art, DNA studies and so much more we attempt to cover as much as we can in order to set the record straight about one of the greatest civilizations in history and those who created it.

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