Don't Use Members+ Discord Bot (2020) | Is Members+ Legit?

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3m Aug 31, 2020

Is Members+ Discord Bot legit? Here's why you should not use Members+ Discord Bot. Members+ is a Discord Bot that says it will grow your Discord Server, and gain hundreds of members, however, it is not legit. Members+ encourages people to use their alt accounts on Discord to join servers.

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Members+ is a Discord Bot that says it can help you grow your Discord Server. However, the members that it brings to your Discord Server are inactive, and don't chat! These inactive members lead to the server owners spending less time growing their community, and it makes the server seem really dead. In this video, I review why Members+ is not legit, and why you should not use it to grow your Discord Server. So, I hope you realize why Members+ Discord Bot does not work. #Members #Discord #Server

Table of Contents

Timecode Title
0:00 Is Members+ Worth It?
0:45 How Members+ Works
1:00 How to Invite Reaction Role Discord Bot
2:00 Members+ brings inactive members
2:45 Server that used Members+ Discord Bot
4:00 Members+ Makes Your Server Inactive
4:30 Members+ is not legit
5:00 Is Members+ Discord Bot Safe?
5:45 Conclusion

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