Ascent by DaVinci™ Vaporizers at CHAMPS Las Vegas 2015

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6y Feb 6, 2015

http://www.davincivaporizer.com - The 32nd Las Vegas CHAMPS Show is surely something we wouldn't miss for the world and our team had a blast!

It was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the tradeshow was from Feb.3 to 5,2015. We were looking forward to seeing a lot of new stuff this year and it actually surprised us that most of the booths that exhibited their products are into glass now. Not much of the e-juices anymore which tells us that the industry is indeed evolving.

There were also cool gigs happening like the glass blowing section of the tradeshow where local glass blowers/makers showcased their glass artwork. They got mad skills we tell you! On the first day, they had this "death race" competition where all of the monster trucks were made of glass. Of course, I'm sure you know what happened next even if you weren't able to see this race - lots of broken glasses. But it was pretty sick!

Our booth sure was packed with a lot of familiar faces in the vaping industry, although we have had several people come by to learn how to start using the Ascent for vaporization. It made us happy to know that the Ascent vaporizer is considered one of the most fave vaporizer in the industry - and that came from new customers. Hearing that, we just want to keep pushing boundaries to craft and give you the most advanced vaporizer. Overall, the show was a really good one and we surely would come back to CHAMP next year.

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