Andy Schectman: Silver Supply Is Getting Tight Again

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1y Aug 1, 2020

#AndySchectman: #Silver Supply Is Getting Tight Again

Even despite the recent run-up in price, investors continue to buy silver.

They're buying silver in the #ETFs like #SLV, and precious metals dealer Andy Schectman of #MilesFranklin reports that his customers are doing the same with physical.

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Bandalar @bandalar 12m 12 months ago

What I find interesting is that silver is behaving precisely the way it did in 2008-2009, when Silver rampaged towards ~$50 per ounce with very few pullbacks. I’m thinking we could see an even bigger peak this time around for a few reasons:

  • Last time around there was no massive mining disruption
  • Last time the monetary base did not expand as quickly
  • Last time the banking sector collapsed, impeding the transmission of base money into M3 money supply
  • Last time there was not such a great fall in aggregate supply

Therefore I figure $50 is an absolute minimum - not so sure on timing though.

I see that Andy’s book was published on June 22nd - happy to find a good source that is up to date and takes into account recent developments!

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