Ep. 13 Glory St. Germain, Ultimate Music Theory, Mentor, International Best Selling Author

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5m Apr 13, 2021

Episode 13, 04.13.2021 Tuesday Conversation with Friends, features Glory St. Germain, International Best Selling Author, Ultimate Music Theory Course Creator & Membership Coach. This is a trailblazer who followed her passion and is leading many music teachers across the globe to find their paths. She talks about the importance of accountability, celebrating the journey, working through challenges, and having mentors who have been where you are. This is a big week for Glory and those of us who work with her. We have the Global Piano Teacher Summer going on at this moment https://fb.me/e/2dTWKetEs, and the release of the International Best Seller “The Power of Why, Why 21 Musicians Created a Program and Why You Should Too.mybook.to/POWMusiciansProgram which I am honored to contribute as one of the co-authors.

I am so glad to share who Glory is with you!

To book your personal 15- Minute Call with Glory: Check out the information at time ticker 22:29 of the video!

Music: Dreaming Big by Ahjay Stelino Royalty-Free Music from mixkit.co

Hostess: Shirley Wang is an operatic soprano and a pianist. She has performed across the U.S., including the Carnegie Hall. In 2020 she started an interview series, "Tuesday Conversation with Friends" featuring performing artists, composers, writers, dancers, actors, directors, and others who make the world more colorful. It airs on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram rapidly gaining viewership and critical acclaim. Additionally, she is the creator of Chinese for ABCs, and the founder of Simple Gifts Music Studio, which offers online voice, piano, music theory, and Chinese cultural language programs.

To get in touch with Ms. Shirley, check out her
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/XiaoLingSoprano
Instagram: @Simple.Gifts.Music.Studio

About Tuesday Conversation w/ Friends

Tuesday Conversation with Friends is a conversation series born out of our unique experience during the pandemic in 2020. One day, I started leafing through my Facebook friends list and realized I have absolutely fascinating friends.


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