The PIAT In Video Games!

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8m Nov 8, 2020

In this video we have some fun and look at portrayals of the PIAT in various games over the last 20 years. We’ll look at the size, shape and physical characteristics of the models, how they function in the game and the animations and sound effects of them in action!

While not an exhaustive list it is great to see the PIAT represented in so many games!

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
0:00 Introduction
00:42 Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
01:40 Forgotten Hope 2
03:02 Darkest Hour: Europe '44-45
03:36 Dino D-Day
05:28 Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of the West
06:05 Day of Infamy
06:48 Call to Action
07:40 Post Scriptum (Old)
08:48 Post Scriptum (New)
09:33 Iron Front
10:35 Battlefield 5
11:06 Days of War
12:05 Observations
12:35 Conclusion

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