How to beat the final boss in 1 turn (Grand Guilds hardest difficulty)

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4m Jul 13, 2021

Skip to 3:25 if you don't want to hear about the setup and just want to see the action. Also note that this may not be the ONLY way to beat the final boss in 1 turn. Other methods may exist, and if so, I'd love to see people post them!

Explanation for Phase 1: On turn 1 (enemy phase), if you put LYRIA in front, then one of the Skeletons will NOT move to the middle of its allies. This means that Lyria's Stormbringer won't apply Vulnerable to all three, which in turn makes it a bit more tedious to kill all three enemies. This is why I put Paco in front; if he's there, then the skeletons are guaranteed to move the way shown in the vid, allowing for a rather effortless phase 1 clear. On the other hand, if you put Lyria in front, then Paco's attack really doesn't matter, since he's doing nothing except using Hopeless Romantic.

I think the grand total may have been even higher, but Shocking Flurry's 270 was capped by the Dragon's current HP.

Table of Contents

Timecode Title
03:35 Paco uses Hopeless Romantic on Rei, giving her +3 AP and a free draw. Note that Paco does NOT end his turn yet, as he still has 2 perfectly usable AP
03:41 Lyria uses Stormbringer, dealing 94 damage and applying Vulnerable 1 to the Dragon.
03:49 Lyria uses Heaven's Wheel, dealing 177 damage to the Dragon. This is amplified both by Vulnerable, and by the fact that the Dragon takes up multiple tiles (AoEs ftw). Note that if we had put Lyria in front, then this would be able to deal even more damage, thus rendering Paco's attack unnecessary. Lyria ends her turn.
03:58 Paco attacks, dealing 48 damage (32 base * 1.5 Vulnerable) to the Dragon. Paco ends his turn.
04:04 Rei uses Energy Surge, granting herself +12 Strength.
04:11 MAGNUM FULGUR! Rei rushes over to the Dragon, dealing (43+43+43+43+43+280=) 495 damage. Note how this is amplified both by Vulnerable and the fact that the Dragon takes up multiple tiles.
04:16 Rei uses Shocking Flurry, dealing 270 damage to the Dragon and killing it. And that, my friends, is how to deal >1084 damage in one turn.

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