Inside the Chieftain's Hatch: DUKW

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3y Aug 18, 2018

[Update: Sold for $46,000] Continuing the series of vehicles which Rock Island Auction Company has been nice enough to let me film, we move onto a logistics vehicle in which which many of you may have ridden.
Note: A comment from DUKWDriver below who owns one of these things indicates a flaw in the video. Apparently there are some sub-variants of DUKW, and the mentioned change in the location of auxiliary air intake is not reflected in the early TM I had access to. In this change, the air scoop regulator handle has been replaced by a CTIS handle, so the commentary about rough weather operations is only applicable to earlier configurations of the DUKW, not this one. It seems that the auxiliary air intake problem was solved by another route. Further, the earlier CTIS system of a pump with air hoses running externally has obviously been replaced with a true CTIS controlled in the dash.

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