Confucius was one of the greatest moral teachers and philosophers of China. @Seriously True

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11m Jul 30, 2020

Who was Confucius?
Confucius was a Chinese philosopher and politician of the Spring and Autumn period. The philosophy of Confucius, also known as Confucianism, emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice, kindness, and sincerity.
Confucius was one of the greatest moral teachers and philosophers of China. He studied ancient Chinese writing with great devotion. These works taught him many new ideas about character development. In Chinese his name was "Kung Fu-tzu'. This name was distorted by the catholic missionaries and became Confucius. Confucius was born in the state of Lu.now part of Shantung in China. His family belonged to the lowest level of the aristocracy. His parents died when he was still young and he grew up in poverty. Later, he became an official in the government of Lu, and was much respected.
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