June 2017 Q&A - Part 1 of 3

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4y Jun 20, 2017

We received 225 questions this month from our Patreon supporters.

This month's Q&A is over 2.5 hours long and broken into three parts as a result.

We would have loved to have addressed them all but it was not possible, so if we didn't get to yours we apologize and just ask that you try again next month.

Thank you as always for your support, you guys are the reason that InRangeTV can exist!

Part 1 Questions and Timestamps:

WWSD & Ammunition
Samuel J
With the Army looking for a 7.62x51 caliber service rifle would that effect a change in your wwsd rifle project?

James K
For WWSD, you seem to be neglecting 62gr improvements such as soft-points (LEO rounds) or Mk.318/SOST. Are you still reevaluating the ammo choice? Keep up the good work!

Pascal P
If AR-15s suddenly disappeared, what would you get instead?

Kevin H
If you guys WERE going to design a bullpup for use, as Karl said in the WWSD vs Tavor videos, as a SMG with rifle capabilities, what caliber would you chamber it in (expecting ideal resupply no matter the choice) and why?

2G-ACM and Matches
Would you guys ever consider doing a series or a match focusing on revolvers? I have seen you guys run shotguns and older bolt action rifles in matches before and even do videos on some of these less modern designs but have yet to see something similar in regards to revolvers. Personally I would be very interested in seeing a revolver video in a similar format to the pistol grip only shotgun (comparing revolvers to semi autos or other firearms).

Mark S
Have you considered incorporating 'malfunctions' into 2 Gun ACM? Have snap-caps loaded into peoples magazines so that they have to cycle their action or potentially transition to their pistol depending on the stage.

Christopher B
I have enjoyed watching the matches you and Ian have competed in while wearing outfits and using gear and weapons of various time periods or conflicts. It gives an interesting insight into the practicality and effectiveness of the various setups/weapons. My question is, have you or Ian considered competing using prohibition/gangster era weapons and gear? With one of you using a law enforcement setup, and the other utilizing what was available to gansters/Mafia of the time period? Thanks

David G
Has anyone ever shot a 2 gun with 22LR.......? And if it can't knock a plate over how would you score that? Not sure why but it was a random thought after watching one of your 2 gun video's.

Thomas B
Where can I find listings of shooting events like Hard as Hell and 2GACM, and how far in advance are dates usually set?

Gun Laws and Education
Arne K
If possible, can you guys please give us non US viewers a general overview of US gun laws? Sometimes I watch your stuff and thing: “how the …. can they actually do this legally?”

Matisse E
What has been or would be the most effective way to educate the general civilian population in how to safely handle firearms?

Marlon S
Why are so many shooters such bad shots? Coming from a full-bore background I'm constantly astonished by the lack of fundamental marksmanship principles many people online show. Poor trigger technique, flinching and no awareness of natural point of aim are all par for the course. Why don't people want to further their skills? And have you thought about some videos focusing purely on the basics of marksmanship?

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