The Kingdom of the Lombards: Migration and Integration

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1y Nov 22, 2019

The Lombards with Mike Corradi of A History of Italy Podcast
Episode 84

The Lombards with Mike Corradi of A History of Italy Podcast
Description: Today we have a special collaboration episode with Mike Corradi of the podcast A History of Italy. I can’t say how much I enjoy this show. It is so well researched and presented. It is funny, informative and entertaining. A History of Italy really has everything you want on one of the best topics out there. In this collaboration, we talk about a group of people who came into Italy during the fall of the Ostrogothic kingdom and during the Byzantine Wars: The Lombards. They were another Germanic people that made life interesting, to say the least, for the population of Italy. Mike will get us up to speed with the Lombards and give us a little taste of his show.

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