Is the Bible a History Book?

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2m Jul 5, 2021

In this episode I host Megan Lewis and Dr. Joshua Bowen from Digital Hammurabi on Dr. Bowens latest work "The Atheist Handbook to the Old Testament" and I'd add to that by saying it is also a handbook to the ancient Near East itself in general.

The Old Testament is a fierce battleground for atheists and Christian apologists, with each side accusing the other of taking challenging and troubling passages out of context. In this handbook, Joshua Bowen not only provides the background to the Old Testament and the ancient Near East, but engages with hotly contested topics like slavery, failed prophecy, and the authorship of debated Old Testament books.

In this episode I ask a question in regards to ancient history that is controversial even to this day and that is whether or not the "Bible" is a history book... should it be ignored as just a collection of parables and ancient myths? Or is it more complicated than that?

Questions like the above are complicated and it receives an equally complicated answer from Digital Hammurabi's Megan Lewis and Dr. Joshua Bowen.

We focus specifically on the Old Testament and the intertwining of history and myth which was nothing new in the context of ancient Near East and in the cultures and civilizations that inhabited it.

And I think one of the important points that are made is why these stories in particular were important to begin with? What did they mean to the audiences of the day and what do these stories tell us about these ancient peoples and societies?

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