Ancient Egypt and the Exodus in Biblical Context

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2y Jun 7, 2019

Disclaimer: This lecture and the lecture series it represents does not necessarily represent the views of The Study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages. I am an atheist but I enjoyed watching these lectures even though I have along with many of my subscribers noticed errors but the personality of the lecturer and his passion for ancient history makes me love his lectures. His lectures represent a certain approach to historiography and they give a great insight on history, history of the bible, biblical archaeology and biblical context. Also many of my subscribers who are religious have really enjoyed these lectures and that is all that matters, I am doing this for all of you!

Although there is on-going disagreement about the precise timing of the Exodus and if it even happened at all, this lecture examines in context the biblical chronology that suggests it took place during the 18th Dynasty of Egypt. If that is correct, then it is conceivable that Hatshepsut was 'the daughter of pharoah' (later a pharaoh herself) who may have rescued Moses and reared him in the privileges of the royal household. His training as a prospective ruler of Egypt would certainly have been invaluable when it came to his actual career, the leader, lawgiver, judge, and military commander of the newly created nation kingdom of Israel.

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