Mud Test: Gewehr 43

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2y May 29, 2019

The G-43 is an improved G-41 in which the rather wonky and heavy gas system of the G-41 was replaced with a short-stroke piston that was nearly directly copied from the SVT-40.

In addition to modifying the gas system, they also added a 10 round detachable box magazine and a scope rail (for which a small number were fitted with the ZF-4 scope to serve as designated marksman rifles).

The G43 is so mechanically similar to the G41 that a large number of the parts are entirely interchangeable. Both rifles are chambered for the full power 7.92x57 8mm Mauser cartridge.

The mass produced American M1 Garand failed the InRange mud test miserably, only being able to fire 1 round. Did the German engineers do better in this regard? Let's find out!

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