April 2017 Q&A - Part 2

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4y Apr 26, 2017

If you like the new Matrix Armory gun rack in the background, check out their website here:

Beau H
For use of the submachines do you think open bolt is better than closed bolt? What's is your optimal rate of fire with a subgun?

Elijah J
Karl, why do you think no one produces new production SVD's in the United States?

Trey A
Simple question: What made you decide to do InRange? How did it all come about?

Kyle H
Two parter: have you ever done any force-on-force training with simunitions or similar? And what are your thoughts on incorporating their use into civilian defensive firearms classes?

Collin S
I am looking forward to "building" an AR 15 in the coming months very similar to yours Karl so thanks for the inspiration. I am leaning towards the Tennessee arms polymer lower what are you thoughts on it also i want iron sights to start off with any suggestions?

Joseph R
Hey Karl! I have recently attended a rifle class and observed a lot of rifles with a red dot/magnifier combo. What is your opinion on magnifiers with a flip mount paired with a red dot?

Terry B
What are you thoughts on the AR57 uppers? Thank you.

What do you think about side charging uppers? If you had to use one would you prefer non-reciprocating or reciprocating? The only non-reciprocating uppers I've seen can still use the normal bcgs whereas the reciprocating bcgs need a modified bcg and, possibly, a modified upper.


I know you guys are somewhat interested in the Leupold D-EVO, at least in concept, as you have mentioned in a video or two. Do you think the idea would be seen as less of a gimmick if the whole optic could be stacked in a footprint that was all inline with the barrel instead of swung over the side of the gun? Of course still allowing a red dot sight to be attached on top at a standard cowitness height, and having the kind of shared eyebox for the two sights. I really like the idea, but of course Leupold is the only one making such a product and at $1200+ it's a tough sell, especially when it adds that bulk out over the ejection port

Stefan N
speaking about the D-EVO: Karl, how's it going with the one you have / had? You seemed quite fond of it, until you suddenly advised against it a few months back. Are you planning to do a full review of it at some point?

Karl, how crushed were you when you first heard of the Walther CCP safety recall, were you emotionally invested in the pistol like we all get with certain guns?

Shaun E
Does the timer also act as the range officer for the run or is there a separate r/o? Does the timer also call/certify steel hits? Who scores and tapes the paper? Do you use multiple timers and r/o's? Finally, how is the scoring reported and recorded? Do timer and shooter report to someone recording scores on a spreadsheet?

Michael R
As part of your effort to decentralize InRange, have you and Ian considered making your videos available via BitTorrent? I feel that although it's extremely unlikely that YouTube, Full30, and Facebook would all take your videos down at once, it wouldn't hurt to have them truly decentralized.

I thought of this because I'm itching to setup a NAS and loading it up with InRange content to seed seems like fun.

Brian C
In light of InRange demonetizing their YouTube videos, will you and Ian be seeking other revenue streams outside Patreon? More InRange merchandising? A line of InRange inspired lightweight carbines from GWACS? Or is the current plan to stay focused on creating content and not be distracted with revenue generating side projects?

Andrew C
I have two sub-questions if you will, concerning your recent decision to demonetize. I enjoy playing devil's advocate and would like to know your opinion on these counters. 1) In terms of the advertisers in general, since it is their private company's money, don't they have the choice to spend and associate their money how they choose? If they don't want to support firearms, isn't that their right to do so? 2) Concerning your point of money as a weapon, why shouldn't the Old Media use their money as a weapon to keep YouTube and other platforms in a position that benefits them? Love the content and would love your insight.

James M
2nd question: Given the recent issues with Youtube and it's revenue sharing what other platforms are you looking to post on? I know you post on Full30 but what platform do you guys prefer people watch on? For example if one platform is paying you more per view than another.

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