When Luca Brasi Tried To Kill Tom Hagen | The Godfather Explained

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1m Nov 30, 2021

Today I wanted to look at a subplot I briefly mentioned in my Luca Brasi Origin Story video, and that is the period where Luca Brasi wanted to kill Tom Hagen. Tom is something of an adopted son of Vito, and the eventual consigliere of the Corleone crime family. He’s the straight man of the Corleones, the lawyer, the professional German Irishman with a briefcase and a college education surrounded by sleazy underground figures.

So, this story is from The Family Corleone, a prequel novel to The Godfather written by Ed Falco and published in 2012. It’s written with the Francis Ford Coppola’s film interpretations in mind, so, for example, even though there is no mention of Luca Brasi’s towering size and figure in the original novel, in The Family Corleone he’s described as a huge brute. The book is based on an unpublished screenplay by Mario Puzo for a Godfather Part IV, which would have take a look at the rise of Vito Corleone and he goes from small time don to head of the most powerful crime family. It would also take a look at the rise of Sonny Corleone, Vito’s oldest son, and how he entered the family business. Luca Brasi is a major character in the novel, and Tom Hagen is a supporting one.

Luca’s vendetta against Tom is one of the main undercurrent sublots, a story which starts near the beginning of the book and ends with Vito’s recruitment of Luca, in around about the 3rd quatre of the book.

0:00 (The Horrifying Backstory of Luca Brasi)

2:48 (Luca Brasi & Tom Hagen in 'The Godfather')

04:15 (Luca & Tom in 'The Family Corleone')

05:58 (Tom caught with his pants down)

09:39 (Luca Brasi & Kelly O'Rouke - tortured souls)

11:40: (Sonny Corleone & Luca come face-to-face)

13:55 (Luca & Kelly fight)

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