The Momentum is Shifting Against the New Racial Orthodoxy

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6m Mar 9, 2021

The intellectual Left has grown accustomed to dominating public institutions so the push-back against CRT comes as a surprise to them. They better get used to it because the anti-woke movement is gaining momentum in challenging this ideology.

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Beginning about a decade ago, critical race theorists began having tremendous success in promulgating their concepts of system racism, white privilege, implicit bias and so on. Their theories infiltrated universities then moved on to lower education and government agencies. It has since been swallowed wholesale by many multi-billion dollar corporations. For a long time, conservatives were completely ignorant of this pernicious influence and were, therefore, mostly silent on the issue.

Last year marked a watershed in the history of this cynical movement when President Trump brought critical race theory to the national consciousness by issuing an executive order banning the use of critical race theory in any federal agency.

This fueled increased interest in critical race theory as well as efforts by journalists and other concerned citizens in documenting its negative impact. As a result of this increased awareness, several states have put forth legislation that seeks to ban critical race theory on the grounds that they advocate for the essentializing of race, the concept of collective guilt and even enable abuse and harassment of individuals along racial lines.

The Left was quick to cry foul, claiming that this was a conservative attempt to shut down wokeness. This narrative has been exposed to be as meritless as critical race theory itself, given that many black intellectuals, most of whom are decidedly left of center, are among the most prominent voices pushing back against these theories. This group includes Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Coleman Hughes, Thomas Chatterton Williams and many more.

As the public debate has heated up, many of CRT’s critics have called for civil and public debate over these issues given the sway these concepts have had in many dimensions of our society. Coleman Hughes recently reported that Ibram Kendi, the author of the much-celebrated book “How to Be an Antiracist” declined his invitation to engage in a public debate on the issues. Kendi declined and, to date, he remains one of the only supposed academics and public intellectuals who is unwilling to subject his ideas to rigorous debate and public scrutiny.


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