The Protests Are Not About Police Brutality

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1y Sep 14, 2020

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If it wasn’t obvious already, the protests and riots have nothing to do with police brutality and everything to do with questioning the very legitimacy of government and inciting rebellion against the authority of the state. The protests kicked off initially under plausible pretenses, namely the killing of George Floyd. Putting aside whether Derek Chauvin should be charged with murder or whether he’ll be convicted for it, it seems nearly everyone was on the same page that what we see in the footage was misuse of force by a police. So we could at least pretend to ignore all the obvious marxist rhetoric and calls to tear down our capitalist system. But now the mask is off and we seem to have reached a point where any use of force by police justifies a protest. A few days ago, police in Pennsylvania responded to a domestic disturbance call. When a police officer arrived, the suspect, Ricardo Munoz, barged out of the front door wielding a knife and started chasing the police officer. The officer shot and killed him in an open and shut case of self defense. There could not be a clearer case of a justified killing.

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Lancaster following the shooting death of Ricardo Munoz, 27, on Sunday afternoon. The crowd formed outside the police station, where the department stated multiple buildings and government vehicles were damaged by demonstrators.

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