The Death of Men

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2y Jan 2, 2019

He put the blame on Western Medicine
For the rape of the moon
& as she crashed into the sea
He screamed "It's way too soon,
I don't want to die,
I've got more life to live."

But piece by piece
She fell apart
& with every crack upon her face
He felt a pain in his heart
Cause he didn't want to die
He thought he had more time

The wind became a siren
& the sea became a wall
Just as wide as China
& 'bout twice as tall
As his pride had been
Just the day before

He searched for his lover
Through the storm & the stress
Wanted her to be his bride,
There was no more world
For them to share

He reached for his Bible
(& just in case a Koran),
Lit a couple candles
And as he ran...
The sky went dark overhead

Ahead of him a mountain rose
& then opened up
& there he saw a Woman
Drinking from a Red Cup
& she looked at him
As though she knew who he was

He asked: "Are you the God of Love?
Or the Death of Men?"
"Neither," she replied
"I am simply The End."
& she opened her arms,
& her words were true.
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