March 2018 Q&A

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3y Mar 24, 2018

Michael W
Will the rollers on an HK delayed blowback system wear the inside of the receiver over time?

Tim K
If you had a $2000 budget for a rifle to use as both a hunting rifle and a precision rifle for competition, what rifle and optic would you choose?

Drew H
How’s Dugan Ashley doing? I’m glad to see him making appearances on your channel. I miss that glorious bastard.

Follow up question. What room do you keep Dugan locked up in when not filming with him?

Zachary T
I know this is from two years ago, but in your Kel-Tec RDB review Ian mentioned he was taking it to a class after the conclusion. I was curious if Ian did end up taking it to the Pat McNamara class and if so how the gun did? Thanks!

Dale S
Maybe more of an Ian question but I remember reading the colt couldn’t figure out 30 round magazines for M16s in Vietnam and special forces guys bought 30 rounders off the civilian market. Is there any truth to this? If so I’m curious how that came to be.

William S
Do you think shotguns can be reintroduced to 2G ACM type matches if they are limited to be less gamey?

2G-ACM Shotgun &Pistol ruleset:

Gas Air Spark
Do you reload and if so what kind of equipment do you prefer?

Kyle C
In your opinion, can submachine guns become relevant again if they are rechambered in PDW cartridges?

Patrick W
For both of you. What in your opinion is the most mechanically interesting (how it functions) firearm you have ever seen or heard about. Sorry if this has been answered.

Since the typical 19th/20th century bolt-action infantry rifle had a much longer range than actual combat showed to be useful, does that mean this entire genre of long-used rifles were a mistake?

What's the best way to prepare for one of those gun competitions?

Tim K
What would you recommend as a good first pistol that will be a range toy only? I've been eyeing up Browning Buckmarks and GSG 1911s in 22lr

London J
What would a gun need to have to actually beat the AR as a platform? I know you guys (and you've made a very compelling argument) view it as the current best, but what would it take for a new rifle/carbine to beat it?

If you had to pick a second caliber for the WWSD rifle what would it be? (If all the 5.56/.223 disappeared and couldn't be made again. )

Jack C
To what extent was the development of the AK based on that of the STG 44? Everything I have read on the internet has either said that the AK is a direct copy of the STG 44 (which is obviously not true), or that the AK seemed to be developed entirely in a vacuum, which I am again suspect of. I am curious to know what both of your opinions on this are.

Garrett S
Do you think a different caliber would fair better than the 5.56 at handling the steel ringers at 2GACM? For example, 6.8 SPC has more muzzle energy but only a margin increase in felt recoil might be better for a spinner, or the flatter shooting 6.5 calibers for less/faster distance shooting since it doesn't drop as quickly.

Ryan Z
Love the content. Do you think that the modern bolt action rifle (rugged, reliable, accurate) still brings something to the table, or do you think that modern semi automatic weapons are advanced enough that the bolt action rifles benefits are minimal compared to its disadvantages?

Brandon T
I am disabled with a weird disease that effectively limits my ability to perform physical activities to 2 to 4 hours (tops), longer if it is cold enough that I don't work up a sweat and as low as 30 minutes if it is too warm out and/or I simply can't keep my body temperature down. I would really like to get more involved in shooting sports, so can you think of any alternatives to my increasingly-boring "go to a cold indoor range while wearing a t-shirt and shorts" solution?

I'd like to know how night fighting was done before the advent of night sights, night vision, or even illumination flares.

Michael B
Do you see any utility in combat arms using a "balanced recoil system" or mechanical equivalent? The AO-38, AEK-971, and the KRISS Vector would be examples.

Matthew J
Are there any compelling reasons for having primary rifle (e.g. competition/hunting/defense) that isn't an AR other than politics?

Leslie W
Will there be a Desert Brutality 2019?

Sean S
Now that Desert Brutality is over and done, what is the one thing that you are most happy about, and the one thing that just just didn't work out at all?

Jon B
Were there many international patreon fans at Desert Brutality 2018? I would love to attend next time but would need to borrow some gear. Is this possible?

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