Why You Must know Customer Lifetime Value 📈 Facebook Ads (Free Calculator)

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8m Nov 14, 2020

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is one of the most important numbers you need for your company, as it determines the value of a customer to your business.
👉🏻 Understanding why you must know customer lifetime value is particularly important if you are running a Facebook Ads campaign or any other paid marketing strategy.
With this simple equation, you’ll be able to calculate customer lifetime value and use it to positively impact your business.

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Make sure to watch the video as well for strategies to boost customer lifetime value and out compete everyone else.
Customer lifetime value (CLV) is one of the most important numbers that you can know for your business. A lot of formula's make it overly complicated. Luckily, this video makes it as simple as possible.

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🎬 Here's exactly what we cover in the video:

CLV Explanation - 00:00
Why you need a high Customer Lifetime Value - 0:53
CLV Example - 2:02
How to boost CLV - 3:54
Using the calculator Ecommerce - 6:34
Using the calculator SaaS? - 9:03

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This channel is dedicated toward helping you market your business or product, and drive more leads and sales on Facebook.


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