This Electric Car Mines Crypto | Tesla Isn’t The Only One With It's Eye On Bitcoin !

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1m Jul 27, 2021

An Electric Car That Can Mine Crypto ! Tesla Isn’t The Only One With Its Eye On Bitcoin A Canadian electric car company called Daymak is developing an electric car that has the ability to mine cryptocurrency while it is not in use. The name of the car is called the Daymak Spiritus, and it is a two seater that is stacked to the brim with all the bells and whistles. Electric vehicles are the new trend as green renewable energy is being prioritized by corporations. Advocates are pushing for cryptocurrency mining to be canon neutral and the Spiritus if offering an option to crypto enthusiasts that want a car that mines crypto such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin with clean renewable energy while it is not in use!

The leading manufacturer of electric vehicles at this point in time is undoubtable Tesla. With Elon Musk losing a lot of fans in the crypto space over the past few months with his statements on Bitcoin mining being harmful to the planet many crypto investors are no longer interested in Tesla. The Daymak Spiritus is an alternative to a Tesla that has additional features! All in all Daymak is doing a great job positioning themselves to capture this market trend of green energy with their electric vehicles and the Spiritus is set to hit the streets in 2023!

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The Crypto Lifestyle is a channel that shows you how I transformed my boring 9-5 slave life to living a lifestyle on my terms through crytpo currency and blockchain technology.


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